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Privacy Policy

MDTi Company Ltd is wholly owned subsidiary of Medical Devices Technology International Limited - Privacy Policy.
Version dated 12th February 2016

MDTi recognises that the free flow of information must be balanced against the protection of an individual's and business's private interests. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your business and employees, whilst providing you with the opportunity to receive products and services which benefits your business activities.The fundamental Data protection principles apply to all our products and services. This policy ('Privacy Policy') describes the way we collect information from you, and the way we may use this information.

What Data ('User Data') do we collect from you?

All the data we collect from you is business related and some data collected includes data on individuals within the business. MDTi collects this information as a resource to enable business to business commerce decisions to be taken. 
We collect User Data from you in the following ways.

Some non-individually identifiable information is collected by web site servers such as what browser is being used (e.g., Netscape) or the domain name from which a visitor entered the site (e.g., or

When you request further information on MDTi services ('Services') or products you will be asked to provide basic information about your company including name and contact details.

We also collect further business related information from you, for instance when you submit an order application for a product.

Our use of User Data. 

We will use the User Data we collect from you only in accordance with the following guidelines. We will use User Data:

1. To provide and improve our business service to you.

This will include enabling our help desk to deal with any inquiries you have about our Products, and to enhance our service to you, where applicable to process payments and to notify you of any changes in our business terms and 

2. To send you information about our products and services.

From time to time MDTi may wish to use User contact details to send you further information about our products and services or to carry out market research in order to improve our services to you. If at any time you decide that you do not wish to be contacted in this way please contact MDTi at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. To generate and deal in aggregate data.

MDTi may provide aggregated data about sales and usage patterns to reputable third parties. This data will be in a non-attributable form and will not enable the third party to identify individual users or businesses.

4. To Provide data to third party providers.

MDTi may pass User Information to third party providers of products and services to enable them to provide a service to you, and where necessary to facilitate billing. MDTi does not authorize third parties to use your User Data to market their own products and services. 

5. Legal Requirements.

While it is not likely, in some circumstances MDTi may be required to disclose your User Data by a court order or to comply with other legal requirements. MDTi will endeavor to notify you before we do so, unless we are legally restricted from doing so.

6. No commercial disposal to Third Parties.

MDTi will not sell, rent, distribute or otherwise make User Data commercially available to any third party, except as described above.

7. Your Consent

You are entitled as an individual to protection under the Data Protection Act 1998. If you object to the use of your User Data in the manner described in sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 please inform us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

8. Updating information that MDTi holds about you.

In accordance with the principles of data protection, you may have access at anytime to any User Data that MDTi holds about you and your business and where appropriate have this data changed or erased.

9. Assent to the terms of Privacy.

By using the MDTi website you acknowledge that you have read the terms of this privacy statement and that you agree that MDTi can use your User Data for the purposes set out above. This Privacy Policy may be amended at anytime. MDTi will make it clear where changes have been made to the Privacy Policy.

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