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The Swiss made Urocomfor designed by Doctor Benoit Cailleteau is a unique urine management system; for use by male, female and pediatric patients, addressing the needs of both bedbound hospital patients and those receiving home care.

The Urocomfor itself is made of a non-latex transparent polyethylene material; giving the device a very low impact on the environment and making it easy for both GP's, nurses and patients alike, to check the quality and the consistancy of the urine.

The device has a practical sleeve opening at the one end with a tear mark on the other end for easy and safe emptying of its contents, with a patented free flow multi-layered anti-reflux valve at its core to prevent spillages.

The Urocomfor aims to revolutionize the management of urine, resolving the issues found with current urine management devices: spillages, smells, storage problems and the impracticality of use by bed-bound people.

  • The Urocomfor has a hygienic close system that helps minimize the risk of infection, as well as preventing accidents like splashes and spillages.
  • Offers patients greater autonomy and dignity.
  • Frees up time for nursing staff, making it highly cost effective.
  • Less bulky and cumbersome than current devices like bed pans for storage.
  • Adapted to the needs and requirements of bed-bound people; with its discreet, reliable, safe and easy to use design.
  • Ideal for both use at home and in nursing or emergency wards.