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AbleHand Assistive Hand Splint


The AbleHand® is an assistive hand splint designed to increase functionality in the upper  limb by encouraging the user to perform manual tasks e.g. drawing, writing, eating and  brushing teeth whilst still retaining a functional hand position.

Before the creation of the AbleHand® many hand splints just existed to hold the hand in specific positions, either whilst awake or asleep. They hold the hand in a position using either cones that fit in the palm of the hand, or rigid shaped cast type devices that fit around the hand and forearm. A major limitation of this approach is that these devices do not allow the user to fit day to day tools or objects whilst maintaining a therapeutic hand position.

With the invention of the AbleHand® users of the device are encouraged to be more compliant with their rehabilitation and have better self-management of their condition; as the device helps to promote greater independence in its users.