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Hook-It Range


A drip hook and wall bracket invented by a Nursing  Practitioner to simplify and replace the use of conventional  metal drip stands around hospital beds in order to improve  the handling of fluid bags.

The Hook-It Range consists of:


The J-Hook is a lightweight, easy to clean and store, IV fluid bag drip hook. It is designed to clip over the curtain track or be mounted from a wall bracket.

The J-Hook comes in 2 widths, 21mm and 15mm, depending on the width of the curtain track. The curtain track should be flat across the top and the curtians should be free to pull by being fixed directly under the curtain track, this enables the curtains to be drawn while the J-Hook is in place. 

Where curtain track is to far away from the bed, the J-Hook can be mounted on a wall bracket ( which fits both sizes of J-Hook) on the wall by the bed and to enable the patient to be mobile, can be mounted in toilets and bathrooms. This improves infection control by eliminating traditional drip stands from being wheeled in and out of less hygeinic areas. 

Use of the J-Hook reduces the risk of trips and falls assocaited with a traditional drip stand.

Please click on the links below to view the Hook-It Range on the NHS Supply Chain Online Catalogue.

15mm J-Hook, NHS Supply Chain Code FKW010, bag of 6

21mm J-Hook, NHS Supply Chain Code FKW011, bag of 6

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Home Use

The J-Hook is also available as a set with 1 J-Hook and 1 Wall Bracket with fixing screws for home use. 


Used to support one J-Hook as an alternative to suspending the J-Hook from the curtain rails fitted around a hospital bed. Supplied with screws and rawplugs. The Wall Bracket fits both 21mm and 15mm J-Hooks.


HOOK-IT wall bracketHOOK-IT Wall Bracket


Please click on the link below to view the Wall Brackets on the NHS Supply Chain Online Catalogue, Code FKW016.

Bag of 10 Wall Brackets

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