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Femmeze News

BBC News- Vaginal mesh operations should be banned, says NICE

In view of recent reports about issues around vaginal mesh used for treating pelvic organ prolapse, the Femmeze rectocele device invented by Sharon Eustice, Nurse Consultant, Bladder and Bowel Specialist Service at Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, can be used as an alternative to digitation in the conservative treatment of rectocele.

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Inventor Recognition    

Sharon Eustice the inventor of the Femmeze vaginal trainer has won the 2015 BJN Continence Nurse of the Year Award.  

International Women’s Day - Prolapse    

Click the link below to view an article on prolapse from the blog of a physiotherapist; as part of International Women's Day, which mentions the Femmeze vaginal trainer.

Femmeze Offers Safer Treatment for POPS    

Click the link below to view an article on the Femmeze from the American Southern Injury Lawyers website.