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Hook-It Testimonials

Hook-It Testimonials


June 2020

Donation of J-Hooks for an NHS Treatment Unit- The J-Hooks are an NHS Innovation commercilaised by MDTi

When I first saw the hooks, I thought what a fabulous design and such a simple idea. There are never enough drip stands and having to clean a whole drip stand between patients is so time consuming. The nurse that thought these up is a genius. As a patient receiving daily intravenous antibiotics, I could see what a positive effect these drip hooks were having on a very busy ward. I got in contact with MTDI who very kindly donated 6 hooks. 

Aileen was very grateful as they only had 2 hooks remaining in the 6 bay temporary ward. Aileen said ‘They are very flexible as the can be hung in the wall bracket or over the curtain rails, they are user friendly and easy to clean’. Staff nurse Carla Ryles seconded all of Aileen’s comments.

Thank you MTDI

Joanne Sipi

Pictured from left to right, Carla Ryles, Staff Nurse. Joanne Sipi, Patient. Aileen Gasco, Ward Sister

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