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No longer in current production, content is subject to change and is provided here for reference purposes only.


The IV-Sty® clip has been designed so that when giving Intravenous fluids it prevents the 'piggy back' IV  secondary line from separating from the primary line so improving infection control and reducing the risk of  needle-stick injuries to staff and patients.

Easier for the practitioner: Clips onto many IV line systems, removes the improvised use of clinical tape, improves line of sight to the 'Piggy Back' port to ensure the free flow of fluid to patients.

Hygienic: Simply disposed of after use, removes solutions that can create infection control issues such as leaving residue adhesive to the line.

Health and Safety: Prevents the accidental disconnection of lines or needle becoming detached, thus reducing the probability of needle-stick injuries to staff or patients.

Cost effective: Removes the likelyhood of damage/waste to secondary lines when changing.

The IV-Sty® has been designed to improve patient and practioner safety to ensure 'best practice' when delivering secondary IV fluids.

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