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MYAID Medical Face Mask - Type IIR (Box of 10)







The MYAID Medical Face Mask is a single user face mask, the device is intended to be placed over the nose and mouth of medical personnel to prevent the transmission of airborne organisms during surgery or during patient examination. It is made of fabric material that enables the user to breathe normally through the mask and is held in place with flexible elasticated ear loops.


  • Protective, Breathable Face Mask
  • Available for medical and general use
  • It is easy to put on and take off and it molds well to the face
  • The mask is comfortable to wear without causing any irritation
  • Has a declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer
  • Complies to EN14683:2019 Standard as a Type IIR (reusable) Medical Device.
  • BFE > 98%, Breathability (Pa/cm2) < 60, Splash Resistant Pressure (kPa) > 16,  Bioburden (cfu/g) < 30

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Special Offer

2 complimentary bottles of 100ml Fourplus Instant Hand Sanitizer supplied with every pack of 10 - Medical Face Masks Type IIR purchased.

(Full details for the Hand Sanitizer can be seen on the Fourplus Instant Hand Sanitizer product page)


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