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Femmax Testimonials

Lady with genital Lichen Planus aged 55, Cambridgeshire  

"After hearing your excellent presentation at the recent UKLP workshop I tried the Femmax dilators for the first time. I found them superior to the Amielle dilators also available on prescription. I found them more comfortable to use as they are less pointed, the smallest size is smaller than the Amielle set and the design of the handle means that there is no danger of catching the skin as there is with the Amielle handle. Thank you for a great product." 

"small, compact, discrete and easy to use" 

My name is Rachael, I'm a post op trans female. I use the Femmax dilator. I find them small, compact, discrete and easy to use.

"it has made such a difference"

Just to say a big thank you for providing one of my patients with the smaller size dilators. I gave it to her the day after meeting you at the study day at Christies - it has made such a difference to her. She has really struggled with the Owen Mumfords dilators and was told to use the handle due to her problems following surgery and chemoradiation. She described it as the 'difference between driving a rover metro and a rolls royce'. It has alleviated a lot of her anxieties. Thank you once again.

K Howlen, Macmillan Gynae Oncology Nurse Specialist, Cheshire, UK 

"Wow, what service"

I arrived home from physical therapy today to find the FEMMAX package had arived! Wow, what service! My next visit to hospital is Monday the 14th and I'll take the case with me. That gives me time to view and listen to your material. Intersetingly enough the therapist asked me today when I thought it might arrive and we both thought it would take longer with customs and all, but it didn't and it was well packaged and sealed when it arrived.

I promise to keep you posted on my therapy and I wouldn't be surprised if you receive more orders in the future. Have a very good week. Thank you for your professionsal, prompt attention to my needs.

N Warner, Michagin, USA

"therapist was thrilled I found your product"

I just wanted to send something your way to thank you for your quick response to my inquiry about FEMMAX. My therapist was thrilled I found your product on the internet. She had just returned from a women's health seminar for physical therapists in Frankenmuth, Michagin where there had been discussions about the poor, serile choices that women had for this problem. She gladly accepted your brochures and will be sharing them as need arises.

My therapy is progressing much quicker thanks to you.

M Warner, Michagon, USA


"comfortable to use"

I have used the dilators a couple of times now. They are easy to handle and comfortable to use.

Jenneifer Lindquist, Michagon, USA