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Quintet AS
Quintet stands for "quinde" or female, and close. The name represents what was our primary product offer when we started 19 years ago: solutions for women with urinary disturbances or incontinence. Since then, products for pain relief have also come to, and products for men. Today, our business includes both products, expertise and guidance for women and men. Our goal is to provide products that can effectively improve the quality of life of people with these issues.

Royal College of Nursing
The RCN is a membership organisation of over 435,000 registered nurses, midwives, health care assistants and nursing students.

Savantini LTD
With over 20 years' experience Savantini Limited is one of the UK's leading healthcare suppliers for medical and wellbeing products for women and men. Pioneering advances in home-use pelvic health care and pain relief their unique approach and high standards ensure a range of quality and highly effective healthcare products.

StressNoMore Health and Wellbeing
StressNoMore provides health solutions and products online.

Women Acting In Today's Society

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