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Susan, age 68

I’ve been using ortho-glide for a week now, following a hip replacement. 

It makes boring but necessary exercise fun and I use it in lots of situations, lying down, sitting watching television, sitting at my desk.

Highly recommended.



5.0 out of 5 stars 3 weeks after TKR and this has been an amazing help

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 January 2020

Verified Purchase

This product is simple and easy to use, I have to say is best on a wood or polished floor. Until I got the slider I could not comfortable place my foot flat to the floor on an upright sit. The slider allows you to push yourself at your own pace on a constant gentle push motion. 


Joyce, aged 80 from Cheshunt

Joyce received the Ortho-Glide as a Christmas present from her daughter, who is an OT, Joyce had a knee replacement operation in December.

Joyce is 'delighted' with the Ortho-Glide and finds it 'easy to use and keep clean'.

Joyce showed the Ortho-Glide to her hairdresser who has now bought one from Amazon for her own mother who is due to have a knee replacement soon.



Smooth running, by Fraser

This is a good idea. I use it on carpet and on bed sheets and moves smoothly when conducting my physio exercises.



Sally, aged 85 yrs

After my accident it was necessary to have a Total Hip Replacement.and on returning home it was important to exercise my legs. With the approval of the hospital orthopaedic therapy team I found the Ortho-Glide a pleasant way to do this and it aso helped to prevent DVT which is a very real danger after surgery,


Partial knee replacement

I’m currently using the ortho-knee glider - and thought what a clever innovation it is. Much easier to use than a plastic bag as previously recommended to me!   



Total Knee Replacement 

"I used the Ortho-Glide in hospital and found it a lot easier to do the exercises and the physio’s at the hospital were pleased with it."

Norman, aged 76 Total Knee Replacement (September 2016)

"It’s bliss, I can thoroughly recommend it."  

Are you having problems with your bed exercises? Do your feet stick to the sheets?  Mine did after my total hip replacement at the age of 81 years. If so, I have the answer for you. I now use a wonderful little device called the Ortho-Glide. It is very simple, you slip it under your heel and bingo your foot slips backwards and forwards as if on an icy slope. It’s bliss, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Ronald Watson, Retired Solicitor

"I wish I had known about it earlier"  

During my recovery from a knee replacement operation I was fortunate enough to use the orthoglide product produced by MDTI. It was very effective and I wish I had known about it earlier.

Immediately after my operation I was assisted by two NHS physiotherapists at Bishop Auckland Hospital in County Durham. They treated knee and hip replacement patients in a small gym but did not have orthoglide. Instead they used a fabric doughnut-like object for bending the knee on a flat plane. This only worked on a smooth surface and was not suitable for home use. Read more...

"excellent for knee flexion exercices"  

Thank you for sending me a complimentary Ortho-Glide for use following my total knee replacement. You will be pleased to know that I have found it excellent for carrying out my knee flexion exercises and can fully recommend it.

Thank you for allowing me to try it. I shall be recommending it to our physiotherapists.

Sir Miles Irvin

"makes my exercises easier" 

On the 14th December 2007 I had a total hip replacement at Princess Royal Hospital in Telford. I was given an Ortho Glide which the physio helper said I would use to exercise my operated hip. I was shown two exercises, I put my heel onto the Ortho Glide and the first exercise was to draw my knee upwards off the bed five times and I was asked to move my leg out to the side and bring it back to the middle, also for five. I was asked to repeat these two movements up to fifty times or more.

When I returned home I did not have an Ortho Glide, so I tried to use a plastic bag as was suggested by the physio. I did not find this very successful, I tried a plastic lid, a dish and a plate but none of these worked.


"so impressed"

Thank you for the very quick response and the complimentary pads for the ortho-glide. My husband was given an ortho-glide to assist in his leg exercises while in hospital after a hip resurfacing operation and was so impressed he got me to look for one on the internet for him to use at home. We very much look forward to receiving it so it can make his exercise regime much easier to do whilst recouperating at home. Once again thank you.

Mrs Luttrell, Berkshire, UK

"efficient, reliable and cost-effective" 

As a practicing Senior Physiotherapist in Orthopaedics, I have been using and recommending Orthoglide for my patients undergoing hip and Knee Replacements at our facility. We find the Orthoglide very useful in achieving the targets in rehabilitation and thus facilitating early discharge.

I strongly feel that Orthoglide is far more efficient, reliable and cost-effective than a sliding board. I can undoubtedly recommend Orthoglide to all Physio-staff who are dealing with hip and knee replaced patients, as this can make exercising easier and more enjoyable than a sliding board.

A Koshy, Cumbria, UK

"very effective therapy" 

Thank you for your prompt attention to my request for a pack of five bio-degradable heel pads for my ORTHO-GLIDE plate; it arrived by post the very next day.

I would tale this opportunity to endorse the remediable effect of ORTH-GLIDE in my physiotherapy exercices, both at home and at Clementine Churchill Hospital at Sudbury Hill.

It is a simple device but a very effective therapy in treating the 'flexibility' in my left knee following two operations for a knee replacement and a fracture in my tibia.

Thank you again for your prompt attention.

G F Barnett, Middlesex, UK

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