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"can walk without a disability"    

In October 2006 I was diagnosed with a rare form of Vasculitis called "Wegener's Granulomatosis". This is a disease in which your immune system breaks down and starts attacking you. In my case ears, lungs, kidneys, muscles and joints were affected and after steroid injections in hospital and daily tablets the condition is in remission.

One of the difficulties that remained however was the restriction of use of my right foot and ankle, causing limping when walking and numbness when sitting. This has been constant for over a year and then on Friday 23 November 2007 Jill Parker gave me the prototype cushion and a two minute instruction!

I started to use it that day and the result was, as they say in the TV adverts, amazing! I could feel something taking place in my foot; there was a warm tingling feeling and movement increased. Now, a week later, I have far more movement and can walk without a disability. I am not 100% but the difference is marked and quite clear.

To me it is incredible that such a simple, easy to use device should free me from something that has been a frustration for so long and set me on a course to previous normality. I am not saying that it will work for you, but I have no doubt whatsoever that it worked for me and I am extremely grateful.

Keith Berry

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