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"My mate bought some nose clips (RhinoPinch) back from his trip home to England and he gave me one when I got a nose bleed from lifting weights at college. This is a good product and a more sufficient way of stopping a nose bleed instead of using your fingers."

Tom, age 19, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. (February 2015).

Avoid the emergency room

This review is from: Nose Bleed Care RhinoPinch Adjustable Comfort Nose Bleed Care/ Child and Adult (Health and Beauty)

I recently had a nose bleed that sent me to the emergency room. (I take a blood thinner.) They used a clip like this to apply continuous pressure on my nose. I couldn't hold my nose tight enough or long enough to stop the bleeding, but the hospital used a clip like this. It worked. I haven't had to use a clip since then, but now I have a tool that may make a future emergency room visit unnecessary.

Testimonial from a lady who suffers from nose bleeds. 

“At about 4.00 am in the morning I found I was having a nose bleed, as time passed I realised it was more than a normal one and I was going to send for the paramedics when I remembered the nose clip in the medical cupboard. I placed the clip as directed after about 10mins I placed extra Pillows on the bed to make me sit up with the clip in place and dosed until the morning when I eased off the clip from my nose gently and I had no more bleeding I could never have held my nose so long with my fingers”.

 Eirlys aged 86

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