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About MDTi


Innovation, Investment, Improvement"MDTi is about being able to make things happen... good things that are not complicated but provide benefit to patients and practitioners alike".

We are focused on and committed to enhanced patient care. Our objective is being realised through the commercialisation of innovative medical devices, where the ideas behind such products have predominately come from NHS clinicians and their organisations.

Our business methodology ensures that clinicians innovations have a certainty of being delivered into the healthcare market, providing for improved patient care in a cost effective manner whilst also generating a financial return for both the clinician and their organisations.

Every medical device begins life as an idea. It is often the result of inspiration, years of research, investment and hard work; and in today's climate, more than ever, the idea that is the result of all this endeavour needs not only to be protected but effectively exploited to ensure that the full benefits are obtained by those that have contributed.

"Imagine the force, the exceptional advantage, the trust in counsel of a business powered by insight with proven ability taking on the responsibility of bringing your ideas to market".

MDTi's success brings benefits to those who really do care about improving healthcare and making life easier for all involved.

MDTi takes on the responsibility of commercialising intellectual property and getting product to market by directly investing, manufacturing and marketing. The resources available in MDTi; through its personnel, its expertise, its understanding of the market and the regulatory environments, ensures that products are delivered in a timely manner.

MDTi works closely alongside Healthcare professionals and their establishments to provide a complete business solution for ideas that can be readily translated into practical and commercial product applications.


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