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MYAID Femmeze Rectocele Device


The Femmeze® Vaginal Trainer is a single user medical device for women who suffer  from pelvic organ prolapses (Rectoceles).

The Femmeze® is a new dignified personal solution that helps women to manage the condition in a more hygienic manner, that removes the need for women to use their fingers when realigning the rectum for passing stool.

The Femmeze® may be most effective where a woman has been advised by a clinician to use her fingers 'digitation' to realign the rectocele. If a woman has a rectocele and is considering using the Femmeze®, it is strongly advised to seek a medical opinion to ascertain that the Femmeze® may be of help with the grade and position of the rectocele.

Femmeze size -

Paddle length 7.5cm, width 2.5cm -

Handle length 15cm, width 2.5cm (at finger/thumb holding point).

IMPORTANT: Do not use if your rectocele is visible outside of the vagina. Seek medical advice before using the device if you have any unresolved contraction of the vagina, such as may arise from pelvic radiotherapy.

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