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Hoo-kOn IV Stand

My Mum and Dad got me a Hoo-k On Drip Stand nearly 2 years ago and I take it everywhere. Last summer I went to Iceland with friends from school on an expedition. All of us are disabled and it was a great challenge. We had to all be more independent and my drip stand meant that I could do my care by myself. It got a bit bashed on the plane but worked fine. I had an amazing time and saw geysers, glaciers and even went whale watching.

I play lots of wheelchair basketball all over the country and if I have to stay in a hotel I take my stand with me so that I can look after myself. I have just been to the Sainsbury’s UK School Games in Sheffield where my team won Gold and I could not have looked after myself if I did not have the stand.

Mum has just ordered me new parts for the stand as I use it every day and it is so important for me.


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