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RehabAngel Testimonials

"My son, a keen athlete and rower, was diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patella – a condition that made his normal training painful and inappropriate (weights and squats). His Physio recommended a slope but prior to finding the RehabAngel this was difficult and not exactly safe – not to mention wobbly.

Now that he uses the RehabAngel he is able to take part in all exercises, his knee pain has disappeared and as a result of being able to exercise in a safe efficient manner that best suits his condition we have seen a huge improvement in his thigh muscle development (previously retarded due to pain and therefore lack of use.)

This has not only helped his rowing but the newly developed muscles have eased the strain on his weak knees and his condition has improved.

A huge success all round. Every gym/Physio/school should have at least one."



Testimonial from a lady who has conceptually used the RehabAngel

"After being introduced to the RehabAngel 'Genie', I have used it with the help of my physiotherapist for many months now.  I have found it a very useful tool, restoring my feet and legs to the point were I am now back to my dancing, which is my chief form of exercise and therefore allowing me to socially interact once more".

Mrs V V King, Knutsford, Cheshire.

"making a difference" 
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Terence David Moore
NHS Governor Dtepping Hill FT Hospital Stockport

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